For Issuers

For Issuers

Key Features of Our Service

  • The possibility for a securities holder to vote at general meetings of issuers serviced by different registrars, by using the unified interface and the unified identification procedure.
  • The possibility to identify a securities holder by using the means of identification already available to him, without his further appearance in person.
  • Simple service integration with the registrar's software due to the use of the common formats developed by NSD for e-proxy voting.
  • The possibility of the meeting page branding using your logotype and corporate colours.
  • The possibility to choose necessary services.
  • Voting either through the global portal, or through a direct link to your meeting page.
  • Use of secure communication channels which protect voting ballots against unauthorized changes and signature forgery. More on security...
  • Applicability of the service not only to meetings of shareholders, but also to meetings of bondholders, UIT unit holders, and mortgage participation certificate holders.

Advantages for the issuer

  • Improved corporate governance and enhanced investment attractiveness, including compliance with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code.
  • Increased quorum due to an increased involvement of securities holders in the voting process.
  • Obtainment of voting results in real time and online communication with securities holders.
  • Accelerated vote processing and counting.
  • Potential reduction in postage costs.

What to do to make e-voting available?

  • An issuer must amend the Charter to provide for the possibility of e-voting through a web site.

  • Enter into an agreement with us and determine the services to be available at a meeting.

  • In the course of preparation for a general meeting, cause the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) to pass a resolution to determine the web site to be used for e-voting.

  • Provide information regarding the meeting, or instruct this to be done by your registrar.

  • Make the meeting page available for voting.

How to enter into an agreement and receive information about applicable fees?

To enter into an agreement to use the E-voting service and to discuss the cost of the services, please send a request by e-mail at .