For Registrars

For Registrars

Key Features of Our Service

  • Use of the common ISO 20022 formats developed by NSD for e-proxy voting.
  • The possibility to post meeting information either manually or using ISO 20022 format documents.
  • Data interchange regarding persons entitled to participate in a meeting and regarding the voting, using the ISO 20022 format (Meeting Instruction).
  • Data interchange both in automatic mode (API) and, if necessary, by manually uploading/downloading documents.
  • The possibility to automatically upload instructions received from nominee holders as part of e-proxy voting.
  • The possibility to identify securities holders through the Common Government Services Portal.
  • The possibility to manage meetings online, using mobile devices.
  • Wide range of available services.

Advantages for the registrar

  • Simple service integration with the registrar's software due to use of the common ISO 20022 formats.
  • Wide range of securities holders identification methods, including without their further appearance in person.
  • No costs connected with the development and maintenance of own services and servers.
  • Accelerated vote processing and counting.
  • Obtainment of voting results in real time and online communication with securities holders.
  • Applicability of the service not only to meetings of shareholders, but also to meetings of bondholders, UIT unit holders, and mortgage participation certificate holders.

Integration with the registrar's software

Specifications of Electronic Documents Used by NSD for Corporate Actions Processing.

How to receive more information
regarding the service and its integration with your own software?

For further information concerning the E-voting service, please contact us by e-mail at .