For Shareholders

For Shareholders

E-voting means for us:



You can participate in a meeting no matter how far you are from the meeting location. All you need is Internet access and a computer, tablet, or smartphone.



It takes 10 to 20 days on average to deliver a paper ballot by post, while an e-voting ballot is delivered instantly.



Votes are cast using secure communication channels which protect voting ballots against unauthorized changes and signature forgery.

More on advantages

How this works?

  • Visit our web site and log in using one of the identification methods.

  • Select the meeting you need and study the materials available for the meeting.

  • Either vote in advance, or register for participation in the meeting and vote during the meeting. Read more.

Simple, isn't it? But that is not all...

You may study any materials attached, watch the meeting, ask questions to the meeting organizers, and get access to the meeting results.

You have the same possibilities as those whose attend the meeting in person. But you have those possibilities while staying at home or workplace, or wherever you are on your vacations. Yes, vacations, as our service is accessible from mobile devices.

The service allows voting at a general meeting not only to individuals, but also to authorized representatives of organizations.