and enhanced investment attractiveness, including compliance with the recommendations of the Bank of Russia, the Corporate Governance Code and the Moscow Exchange Listing Rules.
and enhanced investment attractiveness, including compliance with the recommendations of the Bank of Russia, the Corporate Governance Code and the Moscow Exchange Listing Rules.
thanks to greater shareholder participation in corporate governance
thanks to greater shareholder participation in corporate governance
Paperwork reduction preview
Paperwork reduction preview
Accelerated vote processing and counting
Accelerated vote processing and counting
High requirements to information security, scalability, and resilience preview
High requirements to information security, scalability, and resilience preview
Avoidance of mistakes in voting ballots preview
Avoidance of mistakes in voting ballots preview



By signing up for the E-voting service, you get:

  • A possibility to determine parameters of a meeting and a voting period, upload meeting materials, and formulate questions in the e-voting ballot.
  • Access to voting statistics in real-time.
  • A possibility to communicate with shareholders online.
  • A possibility to brand the meeting page using your logotype and corporate colours.
  • A possibility to register observers who do not have the right to vote, to enable them to have access to meeting materials and video streaming.
  • Simple service integration with the registrar's software due to the use of the common formats developed by NSD for e-proxy voting.


Enter into an agreement with us and determine the services to be available at a meeting.
In the course of preparation for a general meeting, cause the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) to pass a resolution to determine the website to be used for e-voting
Provide information regarding the meeting, or instruct this to be done by your registrar.
Make the meeting page available for voting.
Amend the Charter to provide for the possibility of e-voting through a website.

Contract and tariffs

To enter into an agreement to use the E-voting service and to discuss the cost of the services, please send a request by e-mail at .
Our clients
Improvement of the level of corporate governance is one of the key priorities for PAO Severstal. In line with the best practices in corporate governance, we have, for the first time, provided our shareholders the option to vote at an AGM through the E-voting service. Such option is particularly important during the period when shareholder meetings take place remotely, which helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. The service helps reduce shareholders’ costs, makes it possible for them to participate in a meeting remotely, wherever they are, and reduces the risk of mistakes during the voting process. The company will continue providing the most effective environment to enable our shareholders to exercise their rights to participate in shareholder meetings.
Vitaly Palabugin
Chief Legal Officer, Severstal Russian Steel Division
Sberbank was one of the first to offer its shareholders a possibility to participate in general meetings remotely. For the first time, all categories of Sberbank shareholders could vote remotely at the annual general meeting held for the year 2016, by using NSD’s E-voting service. For the company with more than 500 thousand shareholders, e-voting is particularly interesting. It offers a maximum possible convenience, while for some shareholder categories, it is the only way they can exercise their rights to be involved in managing the company. To get access, no special equipment is required; the service is accessible from anywhere in the world. The E-voting service allows shareholders to vote, get access to the meeting agenda and materials, watch the web streaming of the meeting, and communicate with the company online during the meeting.
Oleg Tsvetkov
Corporate Secretary, Managing Director – Head of the Corporate Secretary Service
The number of shareholders participating in the meeting has increased threefold. We liked that! And we intend to continue using the e-voting services at our meetings. We are positive that the number of those using e-voting will grow.
Stanislav Koptyakov
Director of Corporate Governance and Property Management Department
The key advantage of the service is that shareholders are offered the most comfortable conditions that enable them to exercise their rights. By using the E-voting service, the shareholders participating in the annual general meeting of Gazprom Neft were able to get access to the meeting agenda and materials and vote remotely by completing an electronic voting ballot. Another advantage for us is that the use of the service is free to shareholders. Thanks to the E-voting system, all Gazprom Neft shareholders could participate in the meeting, regardless of whether their shares are recorded by the registrar or securities depository. Besides, the system is very convenient to use and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provided that an Internet connection and a verified Public Services Portal account are available.
Irina Chubarova
Head of Information Disclosure Practice
For MTS as a joint-stock company, improvement of corporate governance is a crucial task. Following the trends in the financial market, we have offered our investors more opportunities and, for the first time, allowed them to choose how to vote at the annual general meeting, either via NSD's e-voting services or via the registrar, Reestr JSC. This is particularly important during the period of self-isolation, with shareholder meetings taking place remotely. The synergy between the services made available by the companies will help us offer the shareholders the maximum number of services possible and ensure security and confidentiality.
Maxim Kalinin
Director for Corporate Governance
The entire experience of using e-voting systems has allowed shareholders to successfully exercise their rights in a new environment. Remote work and necessary self-isolation have driven the evolution of e-services, including in the field of corporate governance. As a result, we see greater involvement of shareholders, including individuals, in the exercise of their corporate rights, especially amidst the increase in the number of shareholders and in their interest in the company’s share capital.
Alexander Kamensky
Director of Corporate Governance Department
By leveraging best practices, our company has offered its shareholders an additional tool for participation in a general meeting of shareholders via the E-voting service. Easy access with the help of information technologies increases trust in corporate governance in the company and makes it possible to significantly increase the number of individual shareholders participating in a meeting. Our goal is to provide an efficient and comfortable environment for shareholders to exercise their rights.
Damir Gamirov
Acting Corporate Secretary, Tatneft

Contacts of specialists

E-voting service support


What is E-voting?
E-voting is the dedicated web site for voting at annual and extraordinary general meetings through the Internet.
Is E-voting a substitute for a hard-copy voting ballot?
E-voting via the dedicated web site is a method additional to conventional voting methods that can be used at a meeting. E-voting via the web site is tantamount to such conventional methods, which means that a shareholder may choose either to complete and send a hard-copy voting ballot by mail, or to attend the meeting in person, or to exercise the right to vote using the E-voting service.
Is E-voting via the web site mandatory for all issuers?
No, this method is optional and must be provided for by the issuer's Charter. The Corporate Governance Code and the Moscow Exchange Listing Rules recommend that issuers offer this method to their shareholders.
How can I view the list of meetings eligible for using the E-voting service?
Information on general meetings at which it is possible to vote using the E-voting service is available in the Meeting News section of the web site, as well as on an issuer's web site if this platform is used by the issuer.
All questions
NSD’s E-voting service allows users to participate in a general meeting via their personal computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. NSD offers to use the E-voting service subject to the terms and conditions of this E-voting Service Use Agreement that constitutes an accession agreement within the meaning of Article 428 of the Russian Civil Code. A person who has been registered and authorized in the E-voting service is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions and is granted access to the E-voting service (becomes a User). NSD may amend the Agreement.
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