What is E-voting?
E-voting is the dedicated web site for voting at annual and extraordinary general meetings through the Internet.
Is E-voting a substitute for a hard-copy voting ballot?
E-voting via the dedicated web site is a method additional to conventional voting methods that can be used at a meeting. E-voting via the web site is tantamount to such conventional methods, which means that a shareholder may choose either to complete and send a hard-copy voting ballot by mail, or to attend the meeting in person, or to exercise the right to vote using the E-voting service.
Is E-voting via the web site mandatory for all issuers?
No, this method is optional and must be provided for by the issuer's Charter. The Corporate Governance Code and the Moscow Exchange Listing Rules recommend that issuers offer this method to their shareholders.
How can I view the list of meetings eligible for using the E-voting service?
Information on general meetings at which it is possible to vote using the E-voting service is available in the Meeting News section of the web site, as well as on an issuer's web site if this platform is used by the issuer.
Do I need to pay for voting through the E-voting service?
For shareholders, voting is free.
How can I register in the E-voting system?
You can use your registration on Gosuslugi (Public Services Portal) or Sber ID. To do that, go to the service and click either “Login via Gosuslugi” or “Login with Sber ID”. Authorize the E-voting service to use your name and identity document details. Check the details in the registration form and fill in the fields with missing details. Complete registration in accordance with the E-voting Guidelines for Individuals.
How can I register on the Public Services Portal?
Detailed information regarding the registration process on the Public Services Portal is available in the Login and Registration section of the Portal.
I am a registered user of the Public Services Portal but have not gone through the identity verification process. Can I vote using the E-voting service?
No, to register in the E-voting service you need to have a verified account on the Public Services Portal.
How can I log in into the system after my registration in the E-voting service?
As soon as you are registered in the E-voting service, you can log in into the system either via the Public Services Portal or with Sber ID, or you may create your login and password or have your E-voting account linked to an encrypted digital signature certificate issued by an authorized certification authority or an RSA certificate.
May I vote at a meeting if I do not have a verified account on the Public Services Portal or Sber ID account?
Yes, you may. You may also contact the registrar maintaining the securities register of the issuer whose meeting is eligible for voting through the E-voting service. As soon as you are identified by the registrar, you will be provided with a one-time login and password to log in into the system. For more details, please see the Guidelines for Participation in E-voting Using a Login and Password Provided by a Registrar.
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