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E-voting is an efficient e-voting service the use of which in synergy with your services will help you meet the needs of your clients and of a broad range of investors.

connected with the development and maintenance of own services and servers.
connected with the development and maintenance of own services and servers.
Accelerated vote processing and counting
Accelerated vote processing and counting



By signing up for the E-voting service, you get:

  • The possibility to post meeting information either manually or using ISO 20022 format documents.
  • Data interchange regarding persons entitled to participate in a meeting and regarding the voting, using the ISO 20022 format (Meeting Instruction).
  • Data interchange both in automatic mode (API) and, if necessary, by manually uploading/downloading documents.
  • The possibility to automatically upload instructions received from nominee holders as part of e-proxy voting.
  • The possibility to identify securities holders via Public Services Portal (USIA) or Sber ID.
  • The possibility to manage meetings online, using mobile devices.


Please read the Specifications of Electronic Documents Being Used by NSD for Corporate Actions Processing and the technical recommendations for the use of the Web-service.
Ensure the possibility to process and respond to electronic documents used in the E-voting service (for registrars who use software from Eldis-Soft, no software upgrades are required).
Set up integration of your software with E-voting.
Test your interaction with NSD and an issuer through the E-voting service.
Enter into an agreement with NSD and submit the documents to be attached to the agreement.
Set up the E-voting channel for the File Gateway, or arrange for interaction via NSD’s Web-service, and provide the details of the certificate to be used for interaction via the E-voting service.
Complete the required information on the meeting, if so instructed by the issuer.
Make the meeting available for voting by shareholders.
Our clients
The wider the spread of such e-voting platforms as NSD’s E-voting and VTB Registrar’s Quorum, the more investors will feel that they are indeed owners of the business and that the future of the company depends on their decisions. The interface between such systems creates a great synergy, with investors being guaranteed the option to choose a convenient tool and companies enjoying the possibility to have more voting investors. The possibility to use a convenient, easy and secure method to vote adds value for the company’s investors. This encourages financial investments in the company’s growth, which eventually improves its investment appeal. That is why we are making efforts to develop such services.
Maxim Getsman
Deputy CEO for Core Operations

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E-voting service support


What is E-voting?
E-voting is the dedicated web site for voting at annual and extraordinary general meetings through the Internet.
Is E-voting a substitute for a hard-copy voting ballot?
E-voting via the dedicated web site is a method additional to conventional voting methods that can be used at a meeting. E-voting via the web site is tantamount to such conventional methods, which means that a shareholder may choose either to complete and send a hard-copy voting ballot by mail, or to attend the meeting in person, or to exercise the right to vote using the E-voting service.
Is E-voting via the web site mandatory for all issuers?
No, this method is optional and must be provided for by the issuer's Charter. The Corporate Governance Code and the Moscow Exchange Listing Rules recommend that issuers offer this method to their shareholders.
How can I view the list of meetings eligible for using the E-voting service?
Information on general meetings at which it is possible to vote using the E-voting service is available in the Meeting News section of the web site, as well as on an issuer's web site if this platform is used by the issuer.
All questions
NSD’s E-voting service allows users to participate in a general meeting via their personal computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. NSD offers to use the E-voting service subject to the terms and conditions of this E-voting Service Use Agreement that constitutes an accession agreement within the meaning of Article 428 of the Russian Civil Code. A person who has been registered and authorized in the E-voting service is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions and is granted access to the E-voting service (becomes a User). NSD may amend the Agreement.
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